FinancialDay Media Group is a digital media solutions company, primarily for disseminating news and features stories about Kenya and how global issues affect the East Africa’s largest economy.

Founded in January 2020, we provide information aimed at enabling individuals and organisations -public and private – to make the right decisions.

Our editorial has a business reporting slant on topics such as financial technology (fintech), small scale commercial farming, Saccos, insurance, lifestyle, companies and people of interest among others.

We have a network of correspondents across the country and expert analysts on various topics.

Data from Google Analytics and Facebook show the following about the FinancialDay;

  1. 22% of our readers are women and 78% are men.
  2. 70% of our readers are aged between 18-34 years and nearly all the rest are aged between 35-44 years.
  3. 73% of our Facebook subscribers are based in Kenya, 11% in Uganda and 8% in South Sudan.
  4. 78% of our website visitors are based in Kenya, 17% in the United States, and 5% in the UK.
  5. 61% access our website via a mobile phone, 36.4% via desktop and 2.3% via a tablet.

To contact the editor directly, please Call: +254 722214261 or Email: editor [at] financialday.co.ke

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